Wednesday, October 1, 2014

People are so Interesting

People are so interesting.
The citizens of Colorado voted their approval for recreational pot.  As I said before, there's a store on just about every corner in Pueblo West.  However, one can not buy regular beer or wine in the grocery stores.  3.9% beer is available, but that's it.  Beer and wine must be purchased from privately owned liquor stores.  The citizens of Colorado have repeatedly voted against beer and wine in the grocery stores.  There are few liquor stores, and little competition.  Prices are very high.  The liquor store lobby must be very strong in this state.
There is one tree in the RV park, and this guy is nowhere near it.  I have to ask, why would you haul a satellite antenna and four cinder blocks on to the roof of your RV?  I don't get this. 

This is one of the permanent residents.  It's hard to see, but he has half to three quarters of a cord of wood stacked against the side of his RV.  They've installed a wood burning stove in there. I did not know you could do that.

We spent the morning wedging the mountain bikes back into the bed of the pickup, washing dirt off the wheel covers and rolling them up, and other assorted tasks required for leave taking.  Good thing we did it this morning.  Afterwards we went to see Laurence and Jill for awhile.  After leaving them we went to Safeway for five things, walked out with four of them, had to go back and then headed for home.  The sun was shining at Safeway, and breezes were light.   About five miles from Safeway, we saw this.

By the time we got back to the RV, the wind was strong enough to make opening a door require two hands.  We were able to get the slides back in and find the door mat which had departed out site.
Note to self:  When the weather head talks about rain, he's really saying it will blow like hell before it rains.
We're leaving in the morning, and I will not miss this place at all.

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