Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wonderland RV Park

While in Torrey, we stayed at the Wonderland RV Park.  It’s the closest RV park to the western entrance to Capitol Reef.  The thing about Torrey, is the entire area is a 1X (as opposed to 3G or 4G) Verizon area.  We think there is an AT&T tower in town, but that’s not helping us any.  Anyway, internet sucks pretty much everywhere.   The Slackers restaurant, Days Inn and the visitors centers all have decent internet.  The RV park wifi ranges from really good to non-existent.  There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to when it’s good and when it’s not.

It’s a nice park, we like it.  We’re on site 11 and we have excellent access to the southern sky for for satellite.  Cell phones and text work intermittently due to the lack of coverage.  Sites are fairly level, you will need a board on one side.  They are fairly close together.  Interior roads and sites are gravel with grass in between.  The laundry is small.  It’s very clean and reasonably priced.  No data on the restrooms.  There are some trees, so if you want satellite, make sure you ask for a treeless site.  The people who run the park are very pleasant.  When we got here she gave us a list of available sites to go look at so we could pick the one we wanted.  Interior roads and sites are gravel.

This is the view from the windshield of the RV in the morning.


This is the goose that lives down here.  He likes to patrol the fence line.


The park, as you drive in.


The only knock I have on this park is the guy that waters the grass.  He leaves the sprinklers on for days and pays no attention to whether he’s watering the grill on the picnic table or not.  The spigot on our site is leaking a little, and has made a pretty good puddle under the mountain bikes.

Update to post 6/25/2019

The park is much improved.  I'm not sure if it changed hands or what, but it's better.  They have new signage, new cabins and they expanded the office building.  There is now space to sit and use the internet, if it's not coming in on your site.  Last time we were here, we were on 11.  This time we were on 6.  The advantage to 6 is that the wireless repeater is on the back of the site.  We had usable internet almost all of the time.

The downside to 6 is that you face the restrooms/laundry rooms, big trash cans and the charcoal grill and fire pit.  I realize the tent sites need a place to grill.  However, look at the pile of firewood just off to the right of the trash can.  They set that on fire, and then let it smolder.  I really hate that, a lot.  If you're on 11, you have the much improved view of the fields.  I do not know how the internet would be five sites down from the repeater.  Choices, one must make choices.

The park looks good, they mow and trim and clean and polish every day.  The laundry rooms are immaculate.

 The goose that was here in 2014 appears to no longer be with us.  Now there is a herd of ducks.

It's a very pleasant place to be and we would come back here, unless we could find a place that bans charcoal and campfires.

Notes on Capitol Reef in June.  I wouldn't come back in June.  The bugs were ferocious.  The back of my head feels like a golf ball from all of the bites.  Plus the light is so much better in October.  Go then.

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