Monday, October 20, 2014

Mountain Biking and Drinks With Aluminarium

Yesterday we took the MTBs out on a road that Mark had told us about.  It's an interesting road.  Parts of it are bright white.  It's not rock, we think it's clay.  Large sections of the surface are like riding across a golf ball, it's sort of dimpled.  It's also deceptively steep.  When we came back down it, we were pleasantly surprised at how much down there was.  So we're not totally out of shape - there had been climbing.

This is Jim closing the gate.  It's sort of a Rube Goldberg gate, they could stand a less flimsy closure.  I think we'll go back out there, it's a really good work out.

In the late afternoon we drove out to Quail Creek State Park to have drinks with Leigh and Brian.  They have a primo spot (22) in the park.  This is what they see during the golden hour.  Pretty nice, eh?  There is no one between them and the water.  Leigh made mama ghannouj with yellow squash that was really good.  Her post links to the recipe, it's worth checking out.  It was fun talking to fellow full timers, and meeting Curtis the wonder dog.

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  1. Glad that you caught up with Leigh and Brian. They are a super couple and Curtis is adorable. It was nice of them to put a photo of the two of you on their post. I enjoyed finally seeing the faces behind this blog:)