Friday, October 24, 2014

Hidden Canyon Trail Hike

Yesterday we really were tired.  We went into Springdale and walked for awhile and then came back and did mass quantities of laundry.  We did see wild life.  These are ostriches in a field next to Hwy 9.  There are also some Texas Longhorns in another field, but I have not gotten a picture of them yet.

Today we hiked the Hidden Canyon trail.  It shares its beginning with the Observation Point trail.  The bees are still there.  What are they doing?  Why are they here?  What will happen when the weather gets cold?  Inquiring minds want to know.  I looked on the web and it says they did not swarm, they absconded.  Apparently things in the hive were so bad the bees just up and left.  They won't survive the winter.  I can't judge the credibility of the site.  Maybe my favorite apiarist will weigh in on this.

The Hidden Canyon trail was fun.  It starts out with switchbacks, and then there are stairs.

After the stairs there is exposed side hill trail.  Fortunately there are chains in some sections.  It was good to have something to hang on to.

I took this at the top, of two ladies who were on their way down.  If you look carefully you can see them holding the chains.

The official trail ends with this pile of boulders closing off the entrance to the canyon.  It was somewhat disappointing.  The boulders are about 6 feet high.  We thought about trying to get over them, but not knowing what was on the other side, we decided not to.  It's that whole thing about making the evening news after needing rescue.

We continued on up to the overlook, and looked over.  I love this view.  On the east coast, everything is fenced, whether it needs it or not.  Out west, we don't need no steenking fences.  Try not to fall to your death - your safety is your responsibility.  That's what they say on the shuttle rides into the park.

This was taken down lower, where you could see the foliage.

It was a good hike, it was not too long but I can tell we got some exercise.  Then we had to come home and defrost the steenking freezer.  Jim had to run out and unplug the ice maker last night because the ice could no longer be ejected because the frost build up was in the way.  We're still thinking about a frost free residential freezer.


  1. Too bad you didn't find a way over the rocks. It is a pretty canyon and there is even an arch in there. We only went in about a half mile and I couldn't get up the next rock obstacle.
    It's nice to have internet again!

  2. This was our first hike when we arrived at Zion last year. Great hike. The arch down the canyon is quite nice. We followed an 88 year old man up. It was crazy. He said he does it every year. He had a walking stick and was quite frail. We were so worried he'd fall but he made it all the way down alone. Love the photo of the path with the fall foliage:)