Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sulphur Creek Road MTB Ride and Notom Road

Today we started off with the mountain bikes, and headed out Sulphur Creek Road, hoping for a pleasant mountain bike ride.  Along the way we passed many boon docking sites.  Nice views here, on level ground.  People have camped here before.

The campsite over looks a small canyon, with fairly abrupt drop offs.

Alas, alack, the ride ended here for us.  If we were more avid mountain bikers we would have forded the creek, but we're not, so we didn't.

It's a beautiful little stream, with a small grove of aspens.

It would have been nice to ride farther, but the water put a stop to us.

After being thwarted on the ride, we decided to head out on Notom Road to see what we would see.  The terrain out there is very different than in the main part of Capitol Reef.  There is water here and people are farming in the low lying areas.

We turned off onto a dirt road and this is what we saw.  It's stark out there, but it has its own beauty. 

We drove on.  I love this view.

These are right by the side of the road.

After going to the end of the pavement, we came back.  See on top of the hill?  Those are three people on horse back.

When we first headed out on Notom, we did not notice this canyon.  Look at this!  It's huge.

Everywhere you look, there is something amazing to see.  I'm glad we went out there, it was pretty cool.  We also saw a 27 mile dirt road to Hanksville that looks like it might be doable on mountain bikes.

This is from on the way back in to the park.  The pointy rock is Navajo Dome.

It was a beautiful day in Capitol Reef.

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  1. Everyday is a beautiful day in the rocks:) What awesome views! You are right about the view everywhere you look. We love this area. I totally understand why our friends settled here.