Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hickman Bridge and the Rim Overlook Trail

Today we hiked up to the Hickman Bridge and then took the Rim Overlook Trail.  We successfully resisted the urge to over dress in the early morning coldness.  It's windier here than it is in the park, which is strange because we're just a few miles away from the entrance.  This is what we see out the windshield.  It's really pretty when the sun is coming up.

We went with Jim and Gayle and Debbie who hike everywhere.  This was taken in the trail head parking lot. It was a beautiful morning in Utah.

First it was off to the Hickman Bridge.

This is the under side of the bridge.  It's just gorgeous.  We were there early enough that the light was still nice.

The gnarled trees are always interesting.

Then it was on to the Rim Overlook Trail.  It was steep!  But there is a lot of stuff to look at on the way.

This is cool, look at how layered the rock is.

Here we are, getting near the top, but not there yet.

The view from the Rim.  Those are fruit trees down there.  You can also see the road.

Oh look - it's Jim.

This is the water pocket fold.  It stretches for 100 miles.  The geology here is breath taking.  By the time we leave Utah I'll be out of superlatives again.

It was about 6 miles total, with about 1,400 feet of elevation gain.  It was enough hike, my little toes are tired.

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  1. We didn't get to hike to the Hickman Bridge because it was closed due to a rock that fell. So now we have another reason for looking forward to our return. Love the view from the top of the rim:)