Monday, October 27, 2014

The JEM Trail

Today was mountain biking again.  The weather has cooled off some, which is good.  The sun is still out, however.

We went up Sheepbridge Road and turned right on to the JEM trail.  We rode this trail four years ago. I still do not like it.

We did notice that Cryptobionic crosses Sheepbridge and continues towards the river, so we might give that a go if we're back out there.
In other news, we have learned that this weekend is the 25 Hours of Frog Hollow.  It's a 25 hour mountain bike race. They ride all night, over terrain that is way worse than what is above.  That sort of thing just does not call to me.  Anyway, Thursday the vendors set up just off Sheepbridge Road and Friday the riders start coming in and pre-riding the course.  We checked with the front desk of the RV park, and they have 22 people checking in Thursday.  When we were here in 2010, we were after the race, but did hear stories about the crazy mountain bikers setting fires in the dumpsters.  We're trying to decide if the people watching opportunities will out weigh the aggravation of smoke from the fires.  We're scheduled to leave here Friday morning, so it's probable we'll miss most of the festivities.
Other than that, maties, there is not much to report. 

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