Monday, September 29, 2014

Back at the Reservoir

Another ride out at the reservoir this morning.  It was a beautiful day.

Look at that sky.  It's an amazing blue.

That was then, this is later.  We just brought the passenger side slides in because of the wind.  It's not producing that much rain, but the gusts are impressive.

Today's riding was difficult.  Laurence has lost his memory of when and how to shift gears on the bike.  Also lost is the ability to pump up a bicycle tire.  The Alzheimer's brain is tragically interesting to watch.  He'll acknowledge that if he gets a flat he won't be able to fix it, and in the same breath is adamant that he can ride by himself.  This after getting stuck on two up hills because he was changing gears in the wrong direction. At this point I am really hoping for an early winter so the bicycle will stay in the garage.


  1. That is sad about Laurence. But it scares me because I shifted the wrong way twice yesterday, which caused me to have to get off the bike on a couple steep hills. I'm attributing it to not riding enough.

  2. What a terrible situation. You have to feel so sorry for Laurence but I can understand how totally frustrating it must be to ride with him. Sounds like you are doing well and being so supportive. But it sounds like winter might be the best thing:)

  3. This must be terribly hard to watch, he is too young to have to go through this.