Monday, October 13, 2014

Freezing Temperatures and the Spring Canyon Hike

It was cold this morning!  There was ice out in front of the RV.  While waiting for it to warm up some I took pictures out the windshield of the RV.  This is the goose that we hear honking for hours on end.

There was ice!  This is the pond that's down the hill from us.  That's where the goose lives.

There are also horses who like to roll.  This just kills me, it is so amusing.

After he got through rolling, he stood up and shook himself off.

This has been staying in the park for a couple of days.  I found an article on the web that talks about it. It's a very cool story.  The vehicle (for lack of a better word) is a 2008 Ford Fusion front with a 2007 Ford Fusion rear wheels and floor pan. The body in the back, which holds the bed and more, is a 1994 GMC Van body.  The couple who drive the van are recently widowed, found each other on the internet, and are now traveling together.  He fabricated the van for the two of them.  The totally and completely sweet story can be found here.

Finally, we left the RV and went for a hike in Spring Canyon.  It exceeded expectations.  The canyon walls are completely different than the other side.  There is MUCH rubble from rocks breaking off and falling from the canyon walls.  This would be rubble, Jim is there for perspective.

Is this not gorgeous?  We kept walking and gawking.

Notice how the fractures are curved.  When this comes down, it will be epic.

Look on the left, the left hand column will eventually come down.

More rubble.

The is a water course that brings water into the canyon.  It's kind of pretty, it's been sculpted over the years.

The Spring Canyon branches off the Chimney Rock hike.  It's a good hike and well worth doing.


  1. Rolling horses are funny! We really enjoyed Spring Canyon too, such amazing geology!

  2. We loved Spring Canyon. We only got back about three miles before returning for a dinner engagement. But this was an awesome place. I hope you saw all the petrified wood all over the beginning.

  3. Gorgeous shots! Love the red rock formations. And the rolling horse would have made me laugh too. :-)