Saturday, October 4, 2014

Grand Junction KOA

While in Grand Junction, we stayed at the KOA.  It's kind of a nice park.  Unlike so many KOAs, it's not full of screaming children and it's not noisy.  OK, the gravel is noisy.  It's 5/8 rock, and it grinds a little when vehicles drive over it.

One of my complaints with the park are these adorable post fences.  They effectively narrow the sites.  We can not open our big slide bay doors.  They open up and out, and will hit the fence.  When we washed the RV, we could not get the ladder down that side.  The fence is cute, but it's a pain.  

Park internet doesn't work for us, despite a repeater just off the back of the site.  Verizon 4G is good.  Satellite on our site (C10) is good.  Water and water pressure is good. Sites have picnic tables.  The laundry is big and clean.  Each site has a little grass patch and a patio. Sites are fairly level.

One thing we know we should do, but frequently forget, is to run water from the spigot before hooking up the filter.  I think maybe we have learned that lesson here.  The water spigot was full of rust.  I went in to use the toilet, and the water filling the bowl was bright orange.  Between the water in Pueblo, and the rust here, we got 12 days out of this filter.

We would come back here.  It's close to the Monument and is convenient to the town of Grand Junction.

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