Thursday, October 2, 2014

Haggard's RV Campground

While in Pueblo West we stayed at Haggard's RV Park. It's not a terrible park, and would be an excellent over night stop if you're traveling on Highway 50.  This is the road going west on 50, just outside of Pueblo West.  It's very wide open.
The lady who runs the park is incredibly nice.  Very friendly, very outgoing.

This is what the park looks like.

There is one tree, if you have a Class A with a roof mounted antenna, it will probably block your reception.  We had no issues, being on a tree-less site.  It's right on 50, at night there is some highway noise, but it's not terrible because it's not heavily traveled.  There are bugs.  The biting flies and moths have been a pain in the butt.  There is livestock in the area, so there are bugs.
Park internet is sometimes good.  We have a strong Verizon 4G signal, so we've been happy with that.  Satellite is good, with the exception of that one site with the one tree.   There is laundry on premises.  The machines are old, and they're small.  The laundry room is clean, the mother of the woman who runs the park cleans a lot.  No data on the rest rooms.  Most sites have a picnic table.  Interior roads are graveled, as are the sites.  There is no annoying grass to be tracked in to your RV.  The entire park slopes away from the highway, so you will have to have a method of leveling.  It's not terrible, but there is slope.
It's windy here, and big winds can come up quickly.  It's not good to leave awnings out, or in some cases, slides.
Here is the bad.  The water.  They are on a well.  DO NOT plan on drinking or cooking with the water.  The park owners will tell you the same thing.  It's just vile.  We're buying water and ice.  The water also spots like you can't believe.  Jim squeegees the shower and dries it after each use, and still it looks like this.  That's stuff from the water.  Whatever is in the water is bad for your Hydro hot if you have one.  It's probably also bad for the anode in a gas water heater.  Before we got here we bought a carbon block water filter on the advice of Erik who told us that well water is bad.

With the exception of the water it's a good over night.  The area around here doesn't have that much to recommend it, unless you fish.

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