Friday, October 10, 2014

Chimney Rock Hike

Today’s hike on the Chimney Rock loop exceeded expectations.  The route started off with a stiff climb that left me panting a bit.  We’re at 7,000 feet and I have not yet acclimated.  From the overlook we could see Chimney Rock.


Then the trail went down and around for a bit and we could see this.  The first photo is the Goosenecks area of the river.  If I had internet I could look up the name of the river, which currently escapes me, but at present that is not happening.  Allow me to digress.  There’s very little internet here.  People sit outside in their cars at the visitor’s center, or the restaurant they named Slackers, or in the parking lot of the Days Inn.  It’s just sad.  In this day and age how can their be no internet?  I suppose I should be grateful that we can make phone calls and text.  The park internet comes and goes.  We had it long enough yesterday to post from Live Writer, but we may be headed for the visitor center parking lot in a bit.


It’s fascinating how straight of a line is formed by the break in the colors.   Look how perfect that is.


What we really enjoyed about the trail is that it took you into a rubble field.  Chunks of rock break off and fall down.  Walking through the debris, it was interesting to see how large the chunks are.


It’s a beautiful hike – we liked it.

chimney rock trail

We drove in to Loa this afternoon for food – it’s 18 miles from here.  If you come to the area, and you should, stock up before leaving!  Torrey has a few restaurants and hotels, but the grocery store is more of a mini mart than a real store.

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