Friday, October 17, 2014

A Trip to St. George

We were up and out early today to go see the Chevy dealer in St. George.  It started out as a bright sunny day.  Here you can see rocks in the early morning sun, looking lovely.

The oil leak was from a loose oil filter. They tightened it up, put oil in it and sent us on our way.  It cost us a breakfast out, so it wasn't too bad.  Afterwards we went to Walgreens to refill a couple of prescriptions and get flu shots.  After continuing coverage of how many people die of the flu, we decided to get it done sooner rather than later.

This sign is out in front of the Zion River RV Resort.  They are full!  The good news is that the children go back to school on Monday.  Yay!!

I think this says it all about the park this weekend.

Have you all seen the news that Verizon is buying out all of Millenicom's accounts?  Read all about it here.

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  1. We got stuck in a slot canyon yesterday with a zillion of those kids! It was quite an experience.
    From your previous post, I am in the middle of reading "The Good Nurse", another story about hospitals trying to cover up a serious problem. You would like it.
    Just drove past Wonderland. It is almost full.