Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Gorgeous Drive From Pueblo to Grand Junction, CO

After spending time in the visually dessicated area of Pueblo West, today's drive to Grand Junction was a feast for the eyes.  I swear we could feel our spirits being renewed as we drove Hwy 50 through the Aspens and the mountains.

This is at almost the summit of Monarch Pass.  It's 11,000 some odd feet.  We were not expecting to see snow.  Fortunately the roads were fine and it was all good.

This is the descent off the pass.  It's long and steep.  It's good to own the Mountain Directory West.  We knew how long and how steep it would be.  Jim kept the speed down using the exhaust brake and I was not a nutbag about going too fast.  We were all happy.

It was so cool that the sun was out, lighting up the trees.

Eventually we drove along a reservoir, and saw this.

After Olathe you see this.  We are talking big sky country.

We're in Grand Junction for three nights.  There will be a trip to the Colorado Monument.  After that, it's on to Capital Reef.


  1. Beautiful drive! It's good to be in beauty after a trying stopover!

  2. This is our first visit in the west this time of year. Between the snowcapped mountaons and the golden foliage, we, too, are in high spirits as we make our way south from Alberta. You got some amazing photos, Allison! Big sky country it is out here:)

  3. How incredibly gorgeous! We are in Durango at the moment, and the foliage isn't quite as far along, but it is still stunning. We had hoped to go to Grand Junction on the way here but could not get reasonably priced reservations. There are a lot of people vacationing in Colorado right now, and who can blame them? Thanks for sharing these stunning images -- fall foliage is one of my favorite visual delights!