Thursday, October 16, 2014

News You Can Use

If you're not in a news blackout, which is frequently not a bad place to be, you're probably aware of the fact that two nurses in Dallas have contracted Ebola after caring for the patient who came from West Africa carrying the virus.  What you may not have noticed is how the hospital and other Texas officials have tried to blame the two nurses for their situation.  One of the blogs I follow is Head Nurse.  She's a neuro nurse working somewhere in Texas.  She has posted an extremely interesting piece on how the hospital has tried to slant the news.  I urge you to go HERE and read what she has to say.  To say that the hospital has been disingenuous in their news releases would be an understatement.

In other news, have you ever wanted to rent a Denali and an Airstream for that perfect vacation with the family?  Well now you can.  Airstream2go will rent you a Denali and an Airstream.  Look at the rates!  You could buy one for what they want for two weeks.  The reason I know about this is that there is a Denali/Airstream in the park in Utah from these people.  I really want to know how long they're renting for.

We're now in Virgin at the Zion River RV Resort.  It's the UEA weekend.  Originally it was a couple of days off from school for the kids while the teachers attended a conference.  The conference no longer lines up with vacation days.  The park is FULL of children.  They are everywhere, riding around in circles, screaming, swimming, it's sort of nuts.  Tomorrow we're taking the pickup in for service.  We're leaking automatic transmission fluid.  The warranty is up November 7, so it happened just in the nick of time.  So we'll be up and out, heading for St. George in the morning.


  1. Very interesting Ebola article, thank you for sharing.

    All I can say about the Airstream rental is OMG!

  2. Agree with Metamorphosis Lisa on both counts! Have added "Head Nurse" to my blog list...good stuff there.

  3. We are laughing as we read about your stay in Zion River Resort!! We stayed there in March and it was wonderful until Easter and Spring Break came the last week. It was crazy!! You described it beautifully. We couldn't wait to leave. As a matter of fact, we had trouble getting out because of all the bikes and scooters parked in the road.

    Hope all is well with the truck.