Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wildcat Canyon and a Cattle Drive

Today's hike was on the Wildcat Canyon trail.  One drives up the always scenic Kolob Reservoir road to the trail head.  It's just spectacular out there.  If you're in the area, don't miss this drive.

It's a nice hike.  One sees scenery that is different than in Zion NP, but it's no less impressive.  It was eerily warm.  Yesterday when we started up toward Hidden Canyon, it was pretty chilly.  Today at 7,000 feet it was very warm.  Very nice!

There is a big pile of volcanic rock to stand on, so you can look down into a canyon.

More scenery.

This was great.  We've been seeing cows all over the place.  There was a cattle drive in process.

These two young women were very good at getting the cows to move into the left lane so cars could get around them.  One of them looked to be about 13, but she was definitely in control of her horse and the cows.

This is one of the cowboys.  Other people on horses had gone off into the brush, looking for missing cows we suppose.

Cows on the road.

Where there are cows, there are cow by products.  After getting home from the hike, we headed into La Verkin to find a coin operated car wash to clean out the wheel wells.


  1. Good thing you weren't on your bikes passing through the cow pies! ;-)

  2. That was a first! I will have to tell Laurelee to check her wheel wells. We were wondering why the girls weren't in school.