Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goosenecks and Sunset Point and the Scenic Drive

Today (Thursday) was a rest day for us.  Between the big hike and a strenuous mountain bike ride yesterday, we were tired.  It was a beautiful day for sight seeing.  Hopefully no one is tired of red rock, because there are many more rocks to come!

First off was a stop at the Goosenecks and Sunset Point overlooks.  It’s really interesting to see how the water has cut through the rocks over millions of years.  The views from Sunset Point are stunning.



After those overlooks, we drove the Scenic Drive that begins at the park visitor center.  The first cool thing we saw was the campground.  Have you seen the teeny tiny travel trailers on the road?  The ones that are smaller than the Teardrops?  We’ve been wondering how people sleep, or even get in to them.  This is how.  They’re like a Tardis!


Note the solar on the other side of the trailer.


It’s a beautiful campground. It’s been full every day since we got here, and I can see why.  We watched a man walking his dog go by the deer, neither the deer or the dog acknowledged each other.  There is also a flock of turkeys who come by in the morning.


Continuing on the Scenic Drive, we took the dirt road down to the Grand Wash.  It’s just stunning down there, as well.


After the wash, there was more driving and more scenic beauty. 


It’s very peaceful in the RV park.  Down the hill from us, a goose has been honking for about an hour.  We’re not clear on what his issue is.