Monday, October 6, 2014

A Capitol Reef Hike

There was a group hike today.  Jim and I made the classic error of dressing for the current temperature and not what it would be.  It was so cold when we left the RV we couldn’t believe it would really warm up.  But it did.  It’s good to wear pants whose legs will zip off.


It’s pretty out there.  We sort of bushwhacked for awhile looking for a trail.  Which we did not find.  We were close, but no cigar.


It started getting hot.  There were three dogs with us, and so we turned back to get them home and out of the heat.  The dog foreground is Rupert.  Cute cute cute.  Check out his tufted ears.  The other dog is Elliot.  When he gets hot he digs into cooler ground and lays in the dirt.


Afterwards we went into Torrey to check out the grocery store and the strength of the internet in the parking lot of the Slacker restaurant.  I think it was good that we stocked up on staples before coming here.  It’s a very small town.  The internet in the parking lot is pretty good.


I’m doing this post in Live Writer, which is why it looks different than all the other posts.  It’s for practice, as much as anything.  The force of the internet is very weak to non existent in the RV park, so I may be writing off line and then doing a burst transmission when there is connectivity.  It probably won’t be much better in Virgin, where we are going next.  There is zero Verizon coverage there.

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  1. So glad you and Jim made it to meet up with the gang!! I am sure you are in for a great treat.

    We had Verizon coverage everywhere except our park in Virgin. John checked the coverage map after we left and found that there is a small strip right where our park was that didn't have service. I use to drive down the road to talk to our kids. We did have WiFi. We were staying at the Zion River Resort where Mark and Bobbi stay.

    Enjoy your time in Capital Reef:)