Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We're Fixed!

We're fixed!  We're leaving in the morning.  See the thing with wires coming out of it?  That's the starter motor solenoid.  See the wire attached to the bulk head over on the right?  That's a new ground.  Attaching that wire allowed the RV to start.  It then took the better part of another day to figure out why the exhaust brake wouldn't work.  It was another steenking solenoid.  Very weird, I do not understand electricity.

Apparently the engine has not been a happy engine for quite some time.  The people who rebuilt the turbo said it had been very hot on several occasions prior to our ownership.  Our valves were out of adjustment as well.  We will never know why fuel injector #6 decided to die at such a young age.

We visited the baby chicks again today.  They're growing.  Soon they will be chickens.

This part of the country is curiously devoid of RV services.  If you find yourself in dire straits in the Kanab/Page/Hurricane/Virgin area, Little's Diesel Service is where you want to go.  If you have to be towed/hauled, you want Ramsey Towing to come get you.  We are so fortunate to have washed up here and not elsewhere. 
We're going back to Tucson.  We need to wash every square inch of the inside of the RV.  There will be carpet cleaning as well.  Being parked on the edge of a dirt road has left a layer of grime everywhere.  We've bailed on all of our reservations in Gunnison - it's too cold and too wet   Until the weather settles down, we do not want to be going to 8100 feet in Colorado.  I'm looking forward to a week of warm weather and no rain/hail/wind. We must replan the late May and early July - and compete with the families with ankle biters for RV park space.
This was taken last night - there was rotation in the clouds.  Creepy, just creepy.


  1. The weather here near Bryce has been wet on and off all week. We hope Moab will be better. Leaving tomorrow.

  2. Glad to hear you are hitting the road!! Yes! Good to know you had super service in this small town. Tucson sounds good right about now. Stay away from Gunnison!! All the high areas here have had snow. The temps dropped last night and today so all our rain was snow in the higher elevations. Safe travels!!

  3. So glad to hear you are done with the engine job! Ugh, Tucson is going to be hot!

  4. I know you must be thrilled to be getting out of Kanab! Hope it's smooth sailing to Tucson. Bet you're a little apprehensive about the drive. I know we would be after all you went through!