Friday, May 1, 2015

Squaw Trail in Kanab

This morning, actually early afternoon, we did the Squaw Trail.  It’s one of the hikes in the Kanab trail system.  It’s a nice little trail that starts by the park in downtown Kanab.


There were a few blooming cactus left beside the trail.


Eventually we made it to the top where there was a bench where one could sit and enjoy the scenic vistas.


We trudged a bit through the sand on top of the mesa.  It was supremely uninteresting once we were in the trees, so we turned around and went back.  Going back was good, because getting down was just a bear in places.  There are a few really steep bits.


It is a pretty trail.


There is an arch forming.


When we got back to the RV our new best friend was here.


We had to put a sewer hose on the sewer outfall of the RV.  The fitting she has to use on her hose will not fit into our utilities bay.  Note to self if you’re ever needing an RV pump out,  have a hose available.


Not having sewer is just nerve wracking.  Our grey tank sensor doesn’t work, so there’s no telling how full it is until water arrives in the shower stall.  Then, it is too late.  We’re taking really short showers and using the disposable plates, cups and cutlery. Dinners have been salad and food off the grill – we don’t want to mess up pots so no pasta for us!  It’ll be good to be back on full hook ups.


  1. I hate having to worry about tank capacity too! Fingers crossed things happen in a timely fashion!

  2. Oh, hate that you guys are having to rough it;-)

    1. I know, I know. You guys are much tougher than we are. I think we need a class on food prep and clean up when one is off full hookups.