Wednesday, May 13, 2015

As Seen in Kanab

Jim and I have been to Europe several times on organized bicycle tours.  Our last was Vienna to Prague, followed by Prague to Budapest.  A careful examination how much these tours cost per day has convinced us that we’re done with bike tours.  We used to like Experience Plus tours, but they are now up to $400 per head per day, double occupancy.  This is just stupid expensive.  Our one REI tour kept us in a van way too many hours a day.

Then we thought – how about bus tours?  While we are both very comfortable driving in the EU, we’re both somewhat leery about driving in countries whose language and/or alphabet is so different than ours that we can’t recognize signage on the roads.  Nah – after witnessing the numerous tour buses disgorging their passengers in Kanab, we think not.


This was about 6:30 last night.  They got in, they went out looking for food, they came back and went to bed.  They were up and out about 6:30 this morning.  That’s a tough schedule. 

Today all of the piston kits have been installed.  That’s the piston, cylinder sleeve and connecting rod.  Matt will be spending the rest of the day reattaching things.


This is our dedicated cart in the shop.  All of this has to go back into the engine compartment.


There was a caravan of sorts going into a gas station in Kanab.  The first guy made a left into the gas station from the far side of the road.  A pickup truck was towing a trailer and a boat.  He made his turn with great panache and accuracy.  This guy was at the end of the caravan, trailing his sewer hose.  His turn lacked panache, trailing the hose as he was.


Mike turned our claim in to the warranty people yesterday.  They’ll need 48 hours to examine the lint in their navels, and then they will probably want to send an adjuster.  They did not tell Mike to stop working in the mean time.  All of the broken parts are in the shop – they can be examined at leisure.  We’ll see, I tend to expect the worst and then be pleasantly surprised once in awhile.


  1. Ha ha ha! Love the dragging sewer hose!

    I'm hard pressed to find another mode of travel better than an RV. Especially my own RV. The rest of the world may no longer be accessible to me since I love RV travel so much!

    1. I am with you. The thought of flying somewhere for hours and then having to be in a hotel is just not appealing to me. I am now back in my recliner and happy to be here!

  2. We are thinking about taking a trip next year to Myanmar to visit our son, who is teaching there, but the thought of the plane ride and all the other travel nonsense is off setting.

  3. That is a loooong plane ride. We've thought about going to Asia, but the thought of that much time in a plane is daunting.