Sunday, May 10, 2015

Filling Time in Kanab

This is what yesterday looked like until we hit St. George.  It was just gruesome.  It's been gruesome in many places.  It would be nice if spring would arrive and stay put. 

By the end of the day it cleared some, and offered a puny sunset.

Today is much better.  It's cool, but at least the rain has stopped.

There is an airport just behind Little's Diesel service.  When the wind is right, they fly right at us when they're landing.  The first time I saw a landing airplane coming in it was very startling, since we didn't know how close we were to the airport.

We went for a walk in Kanab, visiting the Frontier Movie Town.  It's sort of sad, they don't have much in the way of exhibits.

Here you have it, the barn from "Outlaw Josey Wales."

This is a beautifully restored building.  It's the Heritage House.  This text is clipped from their website.
The Heritage House in Kanab, Utah, was built in 1894 for Henry Eyring Bowman by master builder John Rider. The Thomas Chamberlain family later lived there, and its last residents were the McAllister family. In 1974, Dr. George R. Aiken was instrumental in restoring this property. He headed many fund-raising events to contribute to the cost of the renovation. Citizens of Kanab also worked many volunteer hours to help restore this home painstakingly to its original splendor. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.
The paint on it is just perfect.

Work on the bus will resume once again tomorrow.  Some parts have arrived, and more are on the way.  Mike has scheduled many techs into the shop so that they can get us out as quickly as possible.
After work commenced on the RV, we departed for a Kanab hotel.  Our first two nights hoteling were spent at the new Holiday Inn Express.  It was very nice, at $189 per night.  Then we moved to the Rodeway in (formerly a Super8) which isn't as nice, but costs half as much.  Last night we got a load of tourists in on a bus.  They've been with each other all day.  Why, then, must they stand on the far ends of the balcony talking to each other in raised voices?  And why, in the morning, must they all slam their doors upon early departure?  I hate hotels.  Wednesday we're moving even further down the scale of hotel goodness to the Sun and Sand.  It's an old motor court hotel, and I think we're afraid to stay there at night.  We're going to take the contents of the closet out of the RV (now occupying the living room floor) so we can move around more easily and just use the room for showering.  We both want to be back in the RV again really badly.  However, after our last experience, we do not want the Party Pooper lady emptying our tanks again.

It'll take at least a day to get the interior of the bus cleaned, and the closet restored to order once they are done.  This is all giving me the heebie-jeebies because we are a three day drive from our major reservation in Gunnison that starts on May 22.  It's very close to Memorial day and we all know how bad it is trying to find places to stay around holidays.  We can't reserve on the route yet because we have no dates.  It'll be something, stressing over it will not change the outcome.


  1. Good luck! Hope all is repaired very soon so you can make your reservation in Gunnison! We stayed at the Parry Lodge many years ago in the John Wayne cabin that I mentioned in a prior blog comment.

    1. It's still a cute lodge, and like most of the hotels in Kanab - it's full!

  2. Have you visited the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary yet? They welcome volunteers, and they have some cabins you can rent. They are just north of Kanab.