Thursday, May 21, 2015

Camp Verde to Tucson AZ

Today's drive was uneventful.  We actually had a speed limit drive through Phoenix. 
We're in Tucson for what we think will be a week. If not a week, then maybe longer.  There will be washing of the interior and washing of the exterior of the bus.  The ice maker has frozen up again (see the pun there?) so we must defrost it in the morning.  It's warm here, but not as hot as usual.  Today and tomorrow are windy, and then it will calm down.  I doubt seriously if we'll do anything blog worthy while we're here, so posting may be light.
That's it maties, that's all I've got.


  1. Two uneventful driving days. You must be ecstatic!

    1. We are finally starting to relax about the engine. It's better; smoother and we have more power on the hill. Now we must drive somewhere to seat the piston rings.

  2. One small silver lining to your diesel debacle is that it was probably good for your blog's "ratings." (grin)

    I will leave it to others to draw out the moral of that story.