Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Bunting Trail in Kanab

Today was a day of unstable air.  This is what we saw this morning on our way out to hike another of the Kanab trail system.

Is anyone familiar with this?  The sign was stapled to the kiosk at the trail head.  What are they trapping?  Why?  Do people go out and check the traps?  What?  I think I'll call the Field Office Monday and ask what the deal is.

The cactus are still blooming alongside of the trail.

The trail starts out flat for about a quarter of a mile. It is supremely uninteresting at the start. Then the trail heads up.

I think this is the worst trail we have ever hiked.  It's incredibly steep.  What makes it so terrible is the trail deteriorates from being a trail to more of a drainage ditch full of rubble.  We gave it half an hour and decided that we did not want to do any more up because we were not looking forward to going down the loose rocks.  It was the correct decision.  We were both sliding downhill in places.

Look at the sky, that's an anvil cloud forming.

More scenery.

This is what we saw on the way out to do laundry.  Look in the lower right corner of the picture, and you can see virga over the mesas. 

After our unsatisfactory hike, there was laundry.  While we were in the laundromat it started pouring.  The power went out briefly.  When it came back on, the dryers would not restart without more money.  We were done, but there were some unhappy campers there.

And thus another day passes in Kanab.

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