Monday, May 25, 2015

Trichocereus in Bloom

Two of the trichocereus cactus in the park are blooming again.  They are so amazingly gorgeous.

We had the carpets cleaned today.  Inside and outside we have been buffed and scrubbed.  Thursday we are departing, the cooler temperatures are now on the wane, and we're getting the oven feel.


  1. Beautiful! It must feel good to get so clean!

  2. We need to do the same cleaning! With all the rain, we are pretty splashed up. And it is over time to have the carpet cleaned. Safe travels! Where will you be heading?

    1. We're in Show Low for about a week, Santa Fe, then Pueblo West to see my brother. Then we will transit to Harrisburg Oregon to see Erik and the guys for maintenance. Then it's on to Issaquah (near Seattle) until the day after Labor Day. After that, I do not know.

    2. One day we'll be in the same area!! We are heading east for the summer to see my mother. We begin our journey when we leave the Denver area on June 17th. We will head back out west mid August. I am hoping to head to Oregon for awhile in Sept, then we are planning to drive 395 south. We've never done this trip. Maybe we'll meet up in the fall!!