Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More Cactus

This morning I was up and out early with the camera to see what the cactus were doing.  This is a tall cactus, and until this year I did not know it bloomed at all.  Each blossom lasts only one day, so you have to be quick.  Unfortunately its location causes it to be backlit by the morning sun.

It's very pretty.

The next three are all hybrids in the trichocereus family.

This is a wood pecker in a palm tree.  They're very noisy birds.

We have not accomplished all that we had hoped for today.  We have not been able to reach Mike to get the results of the testing on the transmission fluid.  It looks like we're going to have to leave here without changing the transmission fluid.  We did get the truck in to Jack Furrier to investigate the slow leak in the back tire.  There was a nail in the tire.
Fluid replacement in Tucson is becoming an issue for us.  We don't like the Freightliner people at all because they keep the RV all day, and even though you've made an appointment, they will not promise to get it done.  Kenmore has been great, but they've quit servicing RV's because so many RV owners (and their extended warranties) are just butt heads to deal with.  We may have to look at Phoenix for the yearly changing of the oil and etc.


  1. One benefit of being in the desert later than usual, more cactus flowers!

    1. We've been really surprised at how many are still blooming. However.... it will break 100 on Sunday, so we gotta go!

  2. What gorgeous blooms!! That first flower you photographed I saw in the park we stayed in Apache Junction. I had never seen it before. It looks so strange with the long stem. Getting the RV serviced is something we miss about the east coast. John likes to go to the Freightliner dealer in Gaffney, SC. Yes, it is time to get out of Tucson!!!