Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cottonwood Trail in Kanab

Today we hiked out on the Cottonwood Trail.  The trail goes up and down, up and down across the fingers at the base of a mesa.  Is there a word for that part of a mesa, where it trails off onto the flats?  Anyway, it's a nice hike, but there are some pretty steep places.  Eventually we came upon a jeep trail and walked on for awhile.  We found this abandoned home site.  It's out in the middle of nowhere.  One wonders how they got all the building materials on site.
Update to post:  In the past, many westerns were filmed in Kanab and the surrounding area.  This is an old movie set used to film the "Apple Dumpling Gang."

An attractive dead tree.

See the trail going straight up?  Lot's of up and down here.

This is a large water course that's been carved.  It's a tiny goose neck.

It's not a terrible hike.  The best part was the jeep trail.  Its was flat and high up so we could see stuff.  Finding the old homestead was interesting.
I have new hiking shoes.  I have not yet totally bonded with them.  Of the 15 or so pairs that I've bought, these are the best so far, but they're not as good as my old ones.


  1. Since the weather has been so nice thhis week a walk was a good idea. Nature and exercise are good remidies for situations you cannot change.

  2. Love the little Gooseneck!! I was just looking at this trial in Grand Escalante brochure!

    We stayed in Kanab years ago on a motorcycle trip. We used it as a central place to visit the parks. The motel we stayed at was really little cottages that the stars stayed in while filming western in the area. The motel had a barn that they showed old westerns that were made in the area. The old Gunsmoke set is near by. We stayed in the John Wayne cabin and we believe it still had the same carpet John Wayne walked on!! But it was a fun experience!