Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kanab Utah to Camp Verde Arizona

This morning we left Kanab for Camp Verde. We went through Page and down AZ89.  This is a  giant descent south of Page.  Here is where it starts.  They blasted through the rock to make this passageway, and down you go on the side of the mountain.

Once you come around the corner you're on the section of road that was destroyed in 2013. 

After you get off the grade and into the flats the road surface is just abysmal.  It's nap of the earth with many short but steep dips.  It's the kind of road that can pop out a windshield on an RV with air suspension.  After Cameron, which is full of construction, the expansion joints in the road are just horrendous. In short, the road just sucks.  It sucks so badly, we're thinking next time we leave that part of Utah to go south, we may go the long way through Las Vegas so we can spend more time on freeways and no time on AZ89.
About 10 miles south of Flagstaff  on I17 is a very long grade, it's about 18 miles.  They've signed it very well.  It's also good to have the Mountain Directory West so one knows what the route will be doing.

We're staying at Distant Drums RV Park in Camp Verde.  It's a nice park.  If you reserve here, make sure you ask for a site that does not face the video billboard for the casino.  It's so annoying.

The bus ran very well today.  The engine note has changed; it's quieter and sounds smoother than it did.  Cross your fingers!