Saturday, May 23, 2015

Time in Tucson

Today was the first road bike ride since April 10.  It's just demoralizing how fast the fitness leaves us when we're not riding.  The Loop Path is open, we can ride from the RV park's back gate and never get on the road, unless we want to.  It was 30 flat miles, and it was enough!  We had one of those weird shifting winds that seemed to always be a head wind.
The palm trees are flowering.  I did not know they did that.

All the laundry is done, finally.  Now we're starting the extremely tedious process of washing down the cabinets, vacuuming the valences and removing the accumulated dust of Kanab.  Marco is coming tomorrow morning to wash the RV.  Soon, we will be all lemon scented loveliness.
The weather has been really weird.  It's not crazy hot.  The air is still cool, and we don't yet have the sensation of sitting in an oven.  I'm certain it's coming, however.

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  1. Very smart idea to head to Tucson! It seems the extra warm winter has turned into a cooler spring which isn't too bad (if it wasn't raining all the time). It is amazing how fast those biking muscles forget what to do!