Thursday, May 14, 2015

Life in Kanab

Kanab is a small town, population somewhere around 5,000 people.  They’re slowly rebounding from the collapse of the global economy.  It’s weird being in a small town.  The people at True Value recognize us now.  When we checked in to our latest hotel, the guy who runs it remembered us from four days ago and why we’re here.  This would never happen in Seattle.

Kids here get to do cool stuff.  We see them driving back hoes, they unload the hay trucks, they stand on fences.  It’s not like being in suburbia, they have jobs and responsibilities.  They also have fun stuff like small motorcycles which they ride up and down the dirt roads.  We also see unaccompanied minors out and about.  Let your children out by themselves in the big cities and CPS will take your kids away from you.

Mostly this is dog heaven.  I’m not a fan of putting dogs in the back of pick up trucks, but the dogs here just love it.  There is a black and gray dog that goes up and down the road out front, sitting in the bed barking.  We recognize his voice now before we see him.  There is another brown brindle dog that rides on top of a truck box.  He doesn’t bark, but he’s always on the truck box. Tonight there was this.


There are four dogs in the truck.  The driver is out of the truck talking to a friend, the dogs are waiting for him.  They’re all really well behaved.  They don’t jump out of the bed, they just stay there.  They’re fun to watch.

Mike says that some of the workers at Best Friends are so incensed at the sight of dogs in the beds of pickup trucks that they will dognap dogs when the trucks are parked, take them up to the sanctuary and put them up for adoption. 


  1. Such a cute photo! I don't care to see dogs riding in the back of the pickup either, but it seems in some areas they are raised this way.

  2. Do the kids get to ride in back to? We did when we were young. Not very afe.

    1. We have not seen any kids in the beds of pickups. I'm happy about that.

  3. Catching up on blogs now that we're back in the internet world. Glad to see your engine is being reassembled. Personally we would rather see kids than dogs in the back of a pickup;-)