Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Enjoy the Journey

Today work begins to reassemble the engine.  As you no doubt recall, we're doing an in-frame rebuild, which is a step down from a new short block in complexity and expense. 
Our extended warranty is an interesting beast.  It quite clearly states that "all internally lubricated parts" are covered.  Currently they are making life difficult for the shop owner by leaving him on hold for an hour at a whack.  The person who answered the phone today was very unreasonable, and I suspect they are looking for any reason to jump out from under this.  It was not unexpected, labor on this will be extensive.  However, if you're going to offer the warranty and take money for it,  you should honor it.  They're working their way out of business.  Since they are such butt heads, more and more shops won't accept warranties.  Soon, they will be extinct, a victim of their own bad manners.
We soothe ourselves by walking down to the Ranch Supply store and looking at the baby chickens. It's not a great picture, they never stop moving.

I am sad today - Mark captured it perfectly in his post about Lloyd and there is really nothing I can add to it.  I'm again reminded to live in the moment and not to expect too much planning horizon.  Guess I'll go look at the baby chickens again.


  1. It certainly realigns one's perspective… for the moment, anyway. Good luck with "Corporate," their wear-you-down, bend-you-over tactics. It seems warranty's and insurance (life, health, auto, home) is full of fine print these days. It is a "tactic," and I hope you are right… that it puts a public boot in their ass.

    1. I don't think we're going to win on this one. However, I'm taking comfort in the fact that they have already lost considerable money on this policy over its life.