Sunday, May 17, 2015

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

This morning we made the drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  The road opened the 15th.  We had really good weather for it, low winds and fairly warm at 8,100 feet.  It's a slow drive from Kanab.  You gain 4,000 feet on the way there and it's fairly curvy.  We went to the visitor's center and walked on the Bright Angel Trail, which goes along the rim of the canyon.  There is haze, there is always haze so the colors are somewhat muted.

The snow capped peak in the distance is part of the San Fransisco Peaks.  It was unusual to be able to see it.

There are huge meadows along the road before you hit the park.  They are full of deer and elk who want to cross the road in front of your car.

I think if we went back to the North Rim we would not go to the visitor's center.  We would instead take the 20 mile drive to Cape Royal.  That overlook gives you a view of the river, which you don't get from the Bright Angel Trail.  We didn't have time to do both, so we didn't.


  1. Beautiful! It was very hazy in Yosemite, too. We've not been to the North Rim but plan to be there by mid-June. Hope you aren't still in Kanab then!

    1. Oh please let us be gone by then. Pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  2. I've always wanted to visit the North Rim but the timing has never been right. Thanks for taking me there!

  3. We missed the north rim on this trip, but perhaps another year....