Saturday, June 29, 2013

Castle Rock to Issaquah

After watching the somewhat amazing end to stage one of the Tour de France, we departed Castle Rock and headed north to Issaquah.  Fortunately we got diesel in Centralia.  The other option would have been Federal Way.  We discarded that idea since it's such a built up and congested area.  Holy moly were we happy about that decision.  The backup started about 2 miles before the exit we would have taken for fuel.  See the semi up ahead?  No one would let him in, so he just wedged himself into the line of cars, at one point blocking 3 lanes of traffic on the interstate.  The backup was due to half of Puget Sound wanting to go to the Wild Waves water park since we are having a heat wave (mid 80's).

This is south bound, queuing for the same exit.  The backup went on for miles.  Why would you do that?  Go somewhere else.

Once we arrived at the Issaquah RV park, we got power on the bus so we could run the air conditioning.  Then we went out and bought a pair of pruning shears to trim the Laurel so we could open the forward passenger side slide.  I do not understand why parks put in giant plants close to RV sites.  We took off about 4 tall kitchen trash bags of foliage.

Two more mouse poops have been discovered in a storage bay.  The little bastards are avoiding the sticky traps.  We did construct a rat guard for the sewer hose, which we should have done weeks ago but didn't.  So, we've either trapped him inside the bus, or maybe he left and there won't be anymore mouse poops. 
It's surreal being back here.  I think it's the fact that May is gone, but here we are. 


  1. Looks like a beautiful adventure! I hope your mice are gone.

  2. Too bad you had to do your own trimming to get settled. We ate in Issaquah when we were visiting Seattle. We stayed in a park not too far you.
    Enjoy your stay!