Monday, June 24, 2013

MCD Shades and Flowers

We spent today at Davis Cabinets. Their shop does legendary cabinet work for RVs.  If you want wood work done, this is the place.  They also do MCD shades.  We had all of our ugly, tatty, crooked pleated shades replaced today.  They look so good, and they are so easy to raise and lower.

After.  The black layer is the day shade.  The white shade is the total light blocking shade.  Better!  So much better!

While waiting for things to be done, we went out and looked at the wild flowers that grow along the railroad tracks.  This is a thistle.

What is that that yellow thing in the middle of the photo?

A bumblebee on the wing looking at a wild sweet pea.


Tomorrow we will be leaving the RV with Elite RV so they can diagnose and repair the Hydro-Hot which is peeing water on the ground. The timing has worked out well for us to get the RV in for fixing.

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  1. Beautiful flower photos! I'm "almost done" with my RV repairs - then I can hit the road! :-)