Thursday, June 27, 2013

Windshield Replacement

Today's early start had us driving from Harrisburg to Coburg to the site of the old Monaco plant.  It's just sad to all those buildings empty.  The loss of 3,000 jobs was just devastating to the local economy.  Coburg has tried to reinvent themselves as an antique area.  It's just cute, cuter than a bug.
We read in the newspaper today that a Canadian company has bought part of the plant and will be making extruded aluminum there.  So, some payroll will come back to the area.  This is a way cute little house in Coburg.
We visited RV Glass Solutions for a new windshield.  The owner bought the Monaco admin building in 2008 and got a screaming deal on it after Monaco went out of business.  They have been able to consolidate their nationwide operations and have space left over.  They love the facility because they're inside and it's well lighted and spacious.

When Monaco was in business, RVGlass supplied and installed their windshields.

Here is 150 pounds of glass being taken to the RV.

Placing the glass into the seal.

Pulling the seal up onto the glass.  It took about two minutes to get the seal back over the glass.  We learned that the glass does not contact the RV, it sits away from the body of the bus in that seal.  That allows the bus to flex while going down the road without breaking the glass.  It's a one piece windshield, and it's just enormous.

We had an excellent example of failure to communicate with the glass people.  They said we needed to have the bus in at 0800 hours so that it would have time to sit for four hours without moving.  We thought we heard that after the four hours we could take it back to the RV park.  Actually, what was meant was it had to sit for four hours, and then we would sleep in the parking lot while the sealing materials finished curing.  The tech said we could put the slides out, but not to level the bus because it twists the frame.  So, if you are having your windshield replaced, please make a note of this.
All of the early getting up and being homeless is making us tired.  We're back at Elite tomorrow to see if the mystery of key fob that will not work can be unraveled. 

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