Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deschutes River Trail

We decided a hike would be in order for the day.  It's aggravating to me, since I am a post-menopausal, small boned woman; that bicycling does not contribute one little bit to maintaining bone mass.  Weight bearing must be performed.  We drove down to the Benham East Trailhead which is not that far south of Bend.  This puts you on the Deschutes River trail.  We walked south towards Sunriver since the northerly direction was full of kids on bikes with their parents.  The trail goes north as far as Bend.
Here we have people fishing.

The Deschutes River. 

 There is much volcanic rock along its banks.

The trail is relatively flat, and there are not that many rocks.  It is an excellent trail for the novice, or kids, or people who have to keep their heart rates down.

We did not expect to see anyone on a unicycle.

We ended up walking 7 miles, which might have been a tad excessive, since we've not been doing much of anything over the last six weeks.  I blistered the ball of my left foot, poor me.  Afterwards we went to the Newport Market, which is a very expensive upscale grocery store.  I wrote about it last year in this post. We went with the idea of obtaining red meat, but they're charging $29.99 a pound for choice.  No way!  Looks like we'll be going back to Costco.
While we were gone a Prevost and a Newmar came into the RV park, they're making us feel poor.

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  1. Hi Alison,

    Nice biking/hiking path. I have to admit I'm bad at seeking out weight bearing exercise. I'm fit your description and I do have osteoporosis. I wish their was a way to up my bone density without drugs...

    Yikes to the ball of the foot blister - looks like no long hikes for awhile! :-(