Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Phil's Again

Have I mentioned that we're staying at Crown Villa RV Park in Bend?  It's a lovely park.  The sites are very wide, constructed out of pavers and are really level.  There are more trees than I think are necessary, but it's very pretty here.  But THIS is the best part.  Each site has a locking storage shed.  I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to garage the bikes while we're here.

It's been a slow news day, so we'll talk about breakfast.  Look at the size difference between the two eggs, both of which were labelled jumbo.

Behold, a double yolked egg.  I've never seen one before.

We rode for about an hour out at Phil's.  We went out to the Lair, which is the jump park they built, but no one was in the air.  After the Lair we did another couple of trails, one of which we hadn't seen before.  It was better than yesterday.  I'm still walking stuff I would normally ride, but I am complying with the 130 bpm limit.  It's hard!
Here is the chicken, which sits on top of a pole at the intersection of three trails.  Someone paints it every year.  Last year it was red with blue polka dots.

So that was today.


  1. Love the "intersection" chicken painted wild colors!

  2. Just getting caught up on your blog. We will spend the month of September at Crowne Villa! I'll have to do some research on Phils for our stay. Thanks for the tip!

    Metamorphosis Lisa