Monday, June 3, 2013

Walking in Harrisburg and Corvallis

Today was day one of body work.  Shannon cut out the damaged part of the nose and put in new fiberglass.  I'm so happy that we did not hang around to watch that.  There are just some things I do not need to see.
We headed out for a walk in Harrisburg.  Look at these poppies.  I did not adjust color saturation, they just look like that.

These are called Fire Sticks.  We were talking to a man working in his yard and we asked him what they were.  He said they're very invasive.  He has a huge raft of them in the front yard and is planning on digging up half of them.

This area has a car culture.  Jim made a run down to Safeway two evenings ago and Junction City had closed 99 for a car cruise.  I am really sorry we didn't know that was on the schedule.  Photography opportunities would have been thick on the ground.  We saw these today.  This is a 1964 Impala Super Sport.  It's beautifully restored, the interior is very nice.

We saw these down the street.  One looks done, and the other one hasn't started yet.

A 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air two door post.  It's just gorgeous.  It can be yours for $25,000.    It has a 350 Chev engine with a hydromatic transmission.

After lunch in Harrisburg we drove up to Peoria.  It's basically a wide spot in the road.  Since we were close, we motored on to Corvallis.  I have to say, Corvallis is just cuter than a bug.  It's way cuter than Eugene.  It's the home of the Beavers, which is Oregon State.  It's a cow college.
Here is a happy dog.

This is the post office.  It was built in 1931.  We were very taken with the gargoyles.

Here we are crossing one of the first bridges across the Willamette River.  It replaced a ferry.  It was an innovative design.  The middle section of the bridge would swing 90 degrees to open for river traffic.  It last opened in the 1960s.

It was a good day.  There was much walking and looking at stuff.  We enjoyed Corvallis a great deal.  Tomorrow we take the RV back in at 10:00.  I think we're going to drive out to the coast.


  1. Beautiful walk! I've never heard of Fire Sticks but they are really cute. Your poppy picture is so vivid!