Monday, June 10, 2013

First Ride at Phil's Trail System

Today was the first day on the bike since April 12.  As you no doubt recall, I had the ablation procedure on April 18, and have done precious little since then.  There have been a few hikes, but mostly walking while waiting for time to pass.  We rode out at Phil's trail system today. It was predictably gruesome.  I've lost muscle mass in my butt, I swear it feels like someone took out my sit bones and sharpened them.
It's difficult to climb anything without exceeding 130 bpm (which was mandated by the EP.)  I hit 145 a couple of times and immediately jumped off the bike.  The good news is that I was able to stay in normal sinus rhythm.  It used to be that a sudden increase or decrease in heart rate, such as jumping off the bike, would throw me into AF, but that did not happen.  We're still in the 90 day window where nothing that happens really means anything, but it was encouraging.
It is dusty.  The trails are covered in moon dust and are fairly loose.  Generally this doesn't happen until the end of June, but it's early this year.  We came back from riding forest service roads just covered in grit.

This was not here last year.

What IS it with people and their guns?  Trail workers are kind enough to sign the trails and the forest roads so we can use the maps and these idiots come out and shoot the signs.  We saw bullet holes everywhere today. It is just beyond annoying.

Today's route was up Ben's (note to self, there is some climbing), off on FSR4610 just after post #16, then to FS400,  down to the grey gravel road, and then right on Phil's trail.  We did learn that if one takes the left off of 4610 towards post #20, and goes straight at the post, it returns to FSR400 at the top of the giant hill I had to walk today.  It was 12 miles - it's a start.


  1. Glad you were able to get back on the bike and that you were careful. It is amazing how fast you lose muscle mass and how long it takes to gain it back.

  2. I hope you continue to heal and gain strength. As for "people with guns," I have no answer except for "stupid!"