Sunday, June 23, 2013

Driving From Bend to Harrisburg

We left Bend this morning to return to Harrisburg.  Today's route was 20 to 22 to 226 over to Albany, and from there down I5.  It's a much better route than 20 over to Sweet Home.  It's a pleasant drive.  Here is a body of water whose name escapes me.

Much of 226 looks like this.

We're having an RV nadir today.  I think that's an appropriate use of the word.  Anyway, upon arriving at the RV park, we noticed that the Hydro-Hot was peeing water on the ground.  We called Ken, who told us we've blown a seal somewhere.  It's not dire, but it does need to be fixed.  We're going to need a certified H-H technician to do it.  The end of the maintenance tunnel is not yet here. 
On the bright side, it's warmer here, on the western side of the mountains, than it was in Bend.  That's not supposed to happen.

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