Thursday, June 6, 2013

Maintenance Comes to an End

Well, I predicted 6 days of maintenance but it took 7.  Paint held us up.  It's a three day process; paint, buff, put the 3M back.  Each must have its own day.  The guy who does the 3M will be here at 8:30 in the morning.   Then we must return to Elite for one last thing
We asked Erik to listen to the big slide when it retracts, the noise it makes has increased recently.  While looking at the underside, Erik noticed that we're missing one of the rollers that supports the ram as it moves the slide in and out of the bus.  This is very bad.  He didn't have any in stock, so he was leaving the shop early today to go find one. 

They're a good organization.  Since they do get such good reviews from the RV community, one arrives without stress, without the flight or fight response fired up.  When we used to go to Beaudry in Tucson, I'd be grinding my teeth before we got there.  If you're in the North West, go there and be happy.

So, if the roller is available for installation in the morning, we will be on our way to Bend.  We will stay there until the 24th, when we will return here to have our new MCD shades installed. 

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  1. We had MCD shades installed in Feb. I can't imagine how we managed without them. They are so wonderful. The day shades are the best because you can see so well through them but they look black from the outside. We love them!! We had them put in by Premier RV in Tucson. We also had some work done there. They were excellent. We highly recommend them.