Friday, June 28, 2013

Leaving Harrisburg, Arriving Castle Rock

Oy!  It's been a day!  Again!  We left RVGlass this morning and headed back to the RV park to dump the tanks.  Then we returned to Elite RV for debugging the key fob that would not work.  It turned out to be a loose wire on a mini-breaker and the entry door actuator contacts were being pushed sideways when the door closed, thus hitting the door frame and causing a dead short.  Stuff like this is just a bear to diagnose.  Each and every bay door has an actuator.  Each is a potential short.  There are 8 bays and an entry door, which gives us n! possible permutations of error states where n=9.
Erik finished at noon, and we decided to head north.  It was too late in the day to make Seattle.  First we thought we would stay in Woodland, but a car show there had sucked up every RV slot in town.  So we're at Toutle River RV park in Castle Rock.  It's an ok park, except for the train that frequently runs by the perimeter. 
Traffic through Portland was a bear.  The GPS was showing a 3 hour delay if we stayed on I5, so we went up 205.  It wasn't as bad, but it was bad enough.  Traveling on the Friday before July 4 may not have been the best decision, but we really wanted to be on our way.

Tomorrow we will be in Issaquah, where we will stay for at least the month of July.  August is squishy, it depends on what kind of weather we get.

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  1. I just discovered your blog and since we have a Monaco have been reading about the issues you've been having.

    We also had a problem with our key fog and I read somewhere that cleaning the little contacts on the door might help. I wiped them off and viola....the fob works again.

    Love the MCD's. We're thinking of getting them soon.