Friday, June 14, 2013

Slide Maintenance, Weather and Phil's

Wednesday was cold and overcast.  It never made it in to the 60s.  Jim spent much of the day doing RV maintenance.  If you have slides, you should be waxing the sides of the slide boxes frequently.  The more slippery they are, the better it is for your slide gaskets.

On an annual basis, slide gaskets should be treated with rubber seal treatment.  This is what we're using, but there are many on the market.  Take care of those slides, and they will take care of you.

Yesterday it rained off and on all day.  It was cold, as well.  I was forced to wear long pants and shoes.  McMinnville, which is not that far from here, had a tornado.  This is unheard of in Oregon.  It was a cold column funnel, which formed from the ground up.  There was no radar warning.  Remarkably, no one was hurt. After a totally yukky day, it cleared up in the late afternoon.

Today we rode out toward the Lair.  There were three kids riding around in the jump park.  I asked if any of them would be up in the air.  One replied "not me!"  This little guy went and rode a black section and was about 5 feet in the air.  It's really cool to see kids out on their own.  Unfortunately, I missed the shot of him in the air.  That is definitely the age at which one should start this kind of riding.  I am too aware of my own mortality.

Today's new trail was riding KGB up from the chicken to where it intersects with Ben's.  It would be much more fun in the opposite direction.  It's steep.  I, of course, had to walk most of it which is just so tedious.  Jim was able to make it all the way up.
I think we're going to consult the map for a road ride this weekend.  Last year Phil's was chock full of kids all Father's Day weekend.  Maybe we'll hike Smith Rock, the Misery Ridge trail is always fun.


  1. Wow, it's always better in another location. I love Oregon, and plan to visit there sometime this summer - but a tornado! :-( It's so hot here, but we had a brief shower today. :-)

  2. Thanks for the tip on the it when I know the best direction for a ride in advance!