Monday, July 1, 2013

First Ride on the Road Since April

Last summer the trail that parallels the Lake Sammamish Parkway was closed for paving.  When we arrived this summer we were so happy to see that it's finished.  This would enable us to ride around the lake without being on the sections of the road that have no shoulder.  We set out early this morning, on my first road ride since the ablation, and what did we find half way around the lake?  They've dug up the road. There is a massive construction project that will not complete until November.  I can't stand it.
While we were riding from flagger to flagger to get through the construction, we met Dennis.  He's from Ireland.  He flew in to Seattle and bought that Surley yesterday.  It's a great looking touring bike.  We took him out to the on ramp where one can legally ride on I90.  He's on his way to Boston.  People who do those kinds of rides by themselves are just amazing to me.  What do you think about all day while on the road by yourself?

After riding, we were finally able to get the Blue Ox out of the bus's receiver, and replace it with the bike rack.  This is good, it gets the mountain bikes off the ground and hopefully the local mice will not be chewing on my handlebar grips this year. 
Then it was out to obtain dinner.  We saw this honey at QFC.  Is not the packaging lovely?

It's Dungeness crab season.   Our goal this summer is to eat so much crab that we're sick of it when we leave.

There's not too much to report other than the fact that it's really, really hot.  Yesterday it hit 92 and it's humid.  Very few homes have air conditioning because it's not supposed to be this hot!  A good marine push would be just the ticket.

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  1. Glad you are back on two wheels:) What is that biker thinking! I can't imagine coming to a different country and then across it alone! People amaze me.

    How I love Dungeness Crab! We ate a ton of it while in Seattle last summer. Enjoy! Have one for me!