Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Repairs to the Hydro-Hot and the Key Fob Mystery Deepens

We took the RV back to Elite today with the inappropriately peeing Hydro-Hot and the key fob that won't unlock or lock anything.  We thought the Hydro-Hot was going to be the big deal, but we were wrong.  First, here is an update on the major RV reno they've been doing for the past few months.
Here is the entry way.  The entire thing is Corian with understep lighting.  It that sexy or what?

They had the chairs reupholstered, and they are lovely.

Look at the backsplash, is that not lovely?  It's a combination of glass tile and ceramic tiles.

The new computing area.  The diagonal shelf thingy is a tray that pulls out for a keyboard.

This is what failed in the Hydro-Hot.  140 degree (F) water was flowing through the plastic fitting.  See the left side of the plastic doo-dah?  That's what died.  Eric replaced it with braided metal, so that will not fail anymore.  That was not a major issue.

OK then, back to the keyless entry/fob failure.  As I have previously reported, the keyless entry pad is possessed.  Apparently the sun has fried the entire works.  It's in-op and will remain so.  Erik spent quite a bit of time looking at the relays, taking the dash apart, and trying to figure out what the hell?  He did rewire so that the keypad is bypassed.  When we left the shop tonight Erik said he would try to order a new brain for the entire system.  THEN, after we left he went out and had a beer with some of his Monaco buds and spent about an hour talking about why the key fob won't work.  They advanced a theory that perhaps the actuator in the door is shorting out.  He called us at 8:00 to see if we could get the bus back in tomorrow.  So, that will be his next line of investigation.  I can not tell you how rare it is to find someone that takes this much interest in figuring out why something on the RV is not working.  It may not be fixable, but Elite is certainly giving it their best shot.
In other news, the weather here is abysmal.  It rained pretty much all day.