Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Drive to the Coast

Today we drove to the coast.  We took 20 over to Newport.  We think we drove this in 2011 with the 5th wheel when we left Portland, but we're not sure.  I asked Jim today, what good does it do to travel if you can't remember where you've been?  We have been to Waldport and Newport before, we're just not sure how we got there. We went to see the lighthouse.  It's worth a stop.

The keeper's quarters and the lighthouse.

The keeper and his wife and SEVEN CHILDREN lived here.  Water was collected into a cistern, which was hand pumped at the kitchen sink. 

That's the pump, to the left of the sink.  This is the only source of water for the house.

The parlor.

The master bedroom.  Look at the beauty of that quilt.  It's appliqued.

Behold the beauty of the chamber pot, which can be seen under the bed in the previous picture.


The Oregon coast.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun was out, and it wasn't foggy.  Pretty cool, and fairly unusual.

Then we drove down to Waldport and walked around some.  We came back via 34 which is NOT a route I would want to take with a Class A or towing.  Up down, up down, 180 degree switchbacks.  It's a nice drive, but not with an RV.

We arrived back at Elite.  The painting was done, but will have to be re-done because the paint is too dark.  Hopefully all will complete tomorrow, we're ready to be on our way.

So that was today.  We're thinking tomorrow will be a trip to Trader Joe's.  We're out of pizza and macaroni and cheese.  You know, menu staples.

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  1. What a beautiful picture of the Oregon coast!! Lucky you to get such a wonderful day. The water is so blue.

    Don't mention Trader Joe's!! I haven't seen one in months!! Do you know they are just building the first one in CO!! Not be finished til the end of the summer.

    Hope they get the paint fixed quickly!