Friday, May 8, 2015

Cold Rainy Day in Kanab

This is what we saw this morning in an RV park in Kanab.  That is a Silver Streak - I believe it's from the late 1970's.  They are such gorgeous trailers.  Also interesting is the vehicle with it.

This is some sort of European truck.  I need to go back and get a better picture of it.

Today started out with sun, but cold and really windy.  We drove out to Best Friends and thought about doing the tour, but we were not dressed correctly for the climate.  The wind was just whipping through our clothes.  So we went for a drive.
There were a lot of interesting rock formations.  Photography was difficult due to the cloud cover. As we approached the east end of Zion it was snowing on us.

Coral Sand, we didn't go into the state park.

This afternoon we have had torrential rain and dropping temperatures.  It could be worse, we could be in the nation's mid-section having tornadoes, or on the east coast anticipating the tropical storms.
If you read yesterday's post, I had pictures of an old building in disrepair.  Turns out it's an old movie set.  Kanab used to be quite the movie town for the filming of westerns.
Tomorrow we're going into St. George.  I need to go to Target.  Prices on things like plastic cutlery and paper plates are just ridiculous here.  People who live in remote small towns just pay through the nose for everything, and Kanab is no exception.

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  1. Gee, sounds liek our day! Just add in some snow, sleet, and hail! We got 1/4 mile into a little hike before the weather caused us to trun around. It wasn't suppose to do anything til late afternoon...wrong! Have fun in St. George! Have a Starbucks for me:)