Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pictures of the Class A

Here is the new house. Below is the kitchen area. The kitchen was the biggest change for us. We no longer have an oven, so now we must learn to use the microwave/convection oven. Otherwise we will never have pizza again, ever. I did get the convection rack from the dealer, so that was good. The other major change is, in the 5th wheel I would dry and put away dishes behind Jim while he washed, now I have to stand next to him, with an open cabinet door. Open cabinet doors are dangerous to the head.
Behind the double doors to the right of the microwave is one of those dumb wire rack pull out pantries. Half the volume behind the doors is completely wasted. When we go to the cabinet maker, shelves will be put in there, doubling available food storage.

Jim's couch. This is where Jim reclines and watches the news and PBS.

On the other side of the RV are the recliners, I sit in the one that is farther away, with my PC in my lap. The blue "area rug" is a furniture pad we have down on the carpet, since the techs will be walking on it again this week.

This is the dining region. The table will pull out to seat four, but it's usually in. This is Jim's computing area. Note the extension cord running along the base of the cabinet. There's not enough 110 in here.

The vanity in the main bathroom. I really like the under mirror lights.

The powder room. Note the flowers next to the sink. It has one of those built in soap dispensers, which immediately broke, so we stuck flowers in it. I like them better. We still need to get a soft soap dispenser in there.

Left side of the bedroom. The bedroom has a fair amount of storage, including a very large closet. We didn't lose storage in the bedroom, just the kitchen.

There was a washer/dryer combo in the bottom, which is gone. We're either going to have a floor to ceiling pantry put here, or else just shelving in the bottom. I kind of like having that flat surface, but there could always be more storage.

We're still getting used to a new floor plan. We're on the hunt for a paper towel solution. We're concerned about drilling into the underside of the kitchen cabinets, because that's where they put the 110 outlets. I don't know why that it is, but they're all on the underside of the cabinets. Driving a screw into that wiring would be bad.
Hopefully they'll fix the over the air antenna and the right rear tail light tomorrow. Did I mention that one of the guys from the dealership drove the RV over to Thousand Trails, parked it, and then took the ignition keys with him when he left? They're serious about us not driving it until we sign papers in Arizona. After that, we're free to drive about the United States with no training what so ever!

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