Thursday, October 27, 2011


Tonight I have the headache that ate Tokyo. Think of my headache as Godzilla, sitting on my head, gnawing on my brain. Yes, it's that sort of headache. A careful examination of our mattress in the 5th wheel reveals that it is 2 inches wider than the space allotted for it in the Class A. We're going to shove it in there anyway, and see how bad it is. We decided to try to take our Lazy Boy recliners, they may or may not fit, either. Then we spent an hour with the finance guy and signed many papers. This has been more stressful than I thought it would be. When we bought the 5th wheel we had been in the travel trailer for 6 months, and the 5th wheel was such an improvement. There were no downsides and there was joy everywhere. The Class A improves some areas, but dis-improves others. Case in point, we have a 2 by 2.5 foot area of counter space dedicated to a cutout for two gas burners, the burners themselves are so close together that I doubt if two pots can be on there simultaneously. Who designed this? I'm pretty sure it was a man. RVs are always a giant compromise. Tomorrow we take possession, and then unload the 5th wheel into the Class A. I'm expecting my brain to explode.

This morning I took this picture. Note the shallow depth of field. I am really impressed with my new Lumix camera. I like it.

This is Palm Desert. Note the word desert in the place name. THIS is why the poor almond farmers in the Central Valley are being denied irrigation water, so all of these rich old farts can have grass and trees.

The valley is just surreal. If you see an expensive car, it's more than likely being driven by someone really old. We watched one of them run a red light, make a right turn into not one, but two lanes of traffic, all without ever moving his head to see if there might be any cars around him. The communities are all gated, with huge security huts, gates and key cards. There are, however, dedicated golf cart lanes on the major thoroughfares. I can't wait to leave here.

Monday will be interesting. To avoid paying CA sales tax (10%) on the Class A, one must have the RV driven out of state by someone other than us. Once in AZ, we visit a notary in the Wendy's parking lot, finish signing papers, and only then do we have legal possession. I am not making this up.

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