Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gold Beach - RV Resort at Turtle Rock

This is the view from the Waldport KOA this morning. It started out nice, but then a bunch of rain moved in while we were undoing the utilities.

Part of the drive south is extremely uninteresting. The road goes inland for the stretch of road in the dunes area. After Port Orford, the road goes back to the water and it looks like this.

This is the beach at Gold Beach.

This is a terrible RV park. It is beyond me how it was rated as highly as it was in Trailer Life. The sites are short, not level, and the general ambiance of the place is rustic bordering on primitive. We were out walking this afternoon and went by another park that had a sign out saying meth users would be arrested immediately, and that renters were responsible for their guests' behavior. I believe I would turn around immediately after seeing that sign.
So, we're outta here in the morning, heading for Eureka CA.

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